Think Smarter Solar with ACS

m250eHERO_marketing_FINAL_shadowThe Enphase M250 is new to the market and optimized for high-power solar modules. 

Enphase’s fourth-generation microinverter continues the tradition of power, efficiency, and reliability advancements. Built on top of the already reliable M215 platform, the M250 has undergone an unprecedented, industry-leading one million hours of pre-launch product testing. Featuring a reduced parts count, the M250 delivers a new standard in microinverter reliability in addition to increased power and efficiency

Key Advantages

  • Higher power and efficiency: Pairs with modules up to 310Wp with best-in-class 95.7% EU efficiency
  • Precision insights: Accessible in Enlighten, the world’s leading solar monitoring platform
  • Easy Installation: Uses plug-and-play Engage Cable connectors
  • Reliable: Industry-leading manufacturing and quality standards create a ruggedised product for all environments with no single point of failure
  • Safe: No high-voltage DC in the system means peace of mind and cost reductions
  • Intelligent: Precision insights enable faster, easier system and fleet management


Make the smart investment – Unlike traditional technology, an Enphase microinverter solar power system enables solar panels to operate independently, eliminating the effect one under performing panel may have on the rest of the system.

Enjoy proven reliability – The Enphase microinverter solar power system is the result of stringent design and testing processes pioneered by the industry leader. With more than 5,000,000 Enphase microinverters installed globally Enphase have the confidence to offer a 10-year limited warranty Enphase M250 Warranty

Easy Installation

The Engage System is comprised of ruggedised cabling and accessories that enable fast and easy installation of the Enphase System. Snap-together, waterproof connectors deliver a streamlined, secure, and reliable approach to array wiring that is unique to the Enphase System


  • Quick installation
  • Large branch capacity


  • Simple design
  • No additional cables


No high-voltage DC
Reduced fire risk

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