Think Smarter Solar with ACS

What is a Microinverter?

Historically most solar PV systems installed in Australia are connected to a string inverter. On these systems multiple solar panels are connected together in series creating a string which is then connected to the inverter. The number of solar panels that can be connected together into a string is determined by the inverter voltage and current parameters. The inverter then converts the DC electricity into usable AC electricity.

With an Enphase microinverter system each solar panel has its own microinverter installed which converts the DC electricity produced by that solar panel into usable AC electricity. This eliminates string limitations and can improve performance of your system by up to 20%. Using Enphase microinverters offer greater design flexibility and simplified installation resulting in the ability to accommodate different roof planes, pitches, or rooftop obstacles

Enphase house




An Enphase Microinverter system consists of the following components:

  • an Enphase micro Inverter unit mounted directly underneath the solar panel on your roof
  • an Enphase Envoy gateway which consolidates all the information from each panel and transmits that to the internet for monitoring
  •  MyEnlighten monitoring on your system performance for lifetime of your product.





Rest easy in safety – With an Enphase microinverter solar power system only standard AC wiring is run through your home – there is no need for high voltage DC cabling or DC isolators to be installed (a number of which have been recalled in the past due to safety concerns)

Performance improvements – an Enphase microinverter system can improve the performance of your solar power system by up to 20%. In traditional string inverters shading, heavy soiling or even leaves on a solar panel can dramatically reduce the amount of electricity produced by your solar power system as each solar panel is limited by the others in the string. With an Enphase micro inverter solar power system the energy from each individual solar panel is converted into AC electricity therefore only the panel that is affected by the shade, soiling or leaves has a reduced power output, the unaffected solar panels continue to produce the maximum amount of electricity.



Key benefits

  • High Performance: Significant energy output gains (up to 20%) with a best in class efficiency of 96.5%.

Reliable, Safe, Simple, Intelligent.

  • Maximum energy production
  • No single point of system failure
  • Quick and simple design and installation
  • Innovative cabling for fast and flexible installation
  • Only low-voltage DC, and standard AC wiring
  • Suitable for solar panels up to a maximum of 270 watts