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Few People would purchase a home without knowing the stamp duty, mortgage, insurance or maintenance costs of the property. Similarly, you would never purchase a car without understanding its fuel efficiency, warranty, or service costs. But with solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, it is common for projects stakeholders to focus solely on year zero equipment, installation, and commissioning costs during the scoping phase.

Decisions that stakeholders make at the outset can impact long-term project financials substantially, and it’s critical to consider how technology choices impact both lifetime system energy production and operating costs, as well as upfront costs. PV systems deliver a strong return on investment because they predictably generate energy for 20 years or more.

Additionally it’s vital to review your current energy usage. Changing to LED lighting will immediately reduce your consumption and therefore your solar system requirements. ACS can assist with a full lighting audit, supply and fit out.

It’s important to choose the right system for you that will add the design flexibility for your needs and the performance standards that will pay for your investment. That’s why we choose to partner Enphase Microinverters with Suntech Power Polychrystalline solar Modules for your solar solutions and Tigerlight for your LED needs.

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Enphase is the Smart Choice


Utilising the very latest technology, an Enphase System maximises the performance of each panel by pairing it with its own dedicated microinverter. This ensures you will achieve maximum power point tracking on each panel and get the best energy yield from your array, even in low-light and shaded conditions


Enphase advanced microinverters are connected together by standard AC wiring, eliminating the arcing and dire risks associated with high-voltage DC wiring used by traditional inverter systems. For complete peace of mind our My Enlighten Monitoring Software provides a built in detection and mitigation of wiring faults.


With no single point of system failure, Enphase Micronverters offer the highest field reliability. With on-line monitoring, troubleshooting of system issue and faults can be achieved quickly via remote system access, lowering your operations and maintenance costs.


Designed for ease of installation and use, Enphase systems provide system owners and installers with an unmatched level of information about the health and performance of their solar array. Through Enlighten manager, your installer can check your system’s modules level performance 24/7 with access via mobile, tablet or an internet connected device.

Suntech 250 Watt Panels Deliver 

On the 2nd of June 2014 Suntech modules received the VDE Quality-Tested certification, attesting that the quality of Suntech modules exceed existing industry standards. Suntech is only the third brand globally to receive this quality ranking. 

The VDE (Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies) created its VDE Quality-Tested seal of approval to recognize a level of quality control that goes beyond existing standards in the PV industry when validating PV modules. Low rates of degradation and high safety standards are essential aspects of attaining VDE certification. 

With VDE testing, the number of test samples is doubled, and testing periods increased. VDE Quality -Tested certified modules recognize a maximum total power loss of 5% over the enhanced test sequence, compared to 8% with other standards. These changes dramatically increase the confidence that a module will fulfill its performance requirements throughout its warranty period.

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Capture.51High module conversion efficiency

Module efficiency up to 15.4% achieved through advanced cell technology and manufacturing capabilities

Capture.101PID resistant

 Advanced cell technology and qualified materials lead to high resistance to PID.

Capture.71 Positive tolerance

 Guaranteed positive tolerance of up to 5% delivers higher outputs reliably

Capture.61 Excellent weak light  performance

Excellent performance under low light conditions

Capture.91Extended wind and snow  load tests

Module certified to withstand extreme wind (3800Pascal) and snow loads (5400Pascal) *refer to Suntech Standard module installation manual for details

Capture.81Suntech current sorting process

System output maximized by reducing mismatch losses up to 2% with modules sorted and packaged by amperage



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