City Centre News Grafton




November 2013


Structural obstacles restricted string inverters from generating enough energy to offset the site’s power costs  


Enphase microinverters maximised narrow rooftop space despite complex installation design


Increased system size from 18kW to 29kW Financial savings relieve lighting and HVAC expenses

Local retail outlet City Centre News and its surrounding retail tenants run their businesses seven days a week, placing harsh strains on their financial resources. Eaten up by large lighting and HVAC loads, the buildings’ electricity supply needed a way to replenish naturally – and for a cheaper cost.

ACS Solar had a solar solution that would utilize the abundant natural light of Australia. Assessing  






available rooftop space, which was narrow and inconsistent, ACS Solar was able to reduce the amount of solar needed by 4kW before construction even started by installing 215 tubes of LED lighting.

ASC Solar was able to split the 29kW array into five different circuits to keep the voltage drops down to a minimum. The installers then used Enphase’s three-phase Engage cable to spread the solar power from the microinverters across the whole building.

Aside from the site’s structural challenges, shade was also a factor in choosing Enphase microinverters. Trees, antennas, AC units and other buildings cause shading issues, but even at the worst point of the day only 3kW of the system may be covered. As the sun rolls across the sky, shifting shade spots, Enphase Microinverters guarantee that only panels directly covered will be affected.

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